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R4 3DS Brings Quake DS To The Nintendo 3DS system

April 18, 2013

Anyone that has been playing video games for any amount of time has definitely heard of Quake for the PC. There are of course newer, update versions, but I am talking about the original Quake that was released back when we had to type DOS commands in order to load out games. Today, you can play these same old dos games on your Nintendo 3DS system with an R4 3DS card, and some homebrew goodness.

Quake was published by ID Software. Prior to quake, there was the Doom series as well as the Castle Wolfenstein series. All amazing games in their own right. These games were what truly started the 3D first person shooter genre. Before them, there were some mild attempts in some dungeon style games, but Doom and Quake turned it all upside down and made FPS games what they are today - must play titles!

Last week I downloaded QuakeDS for my Nintendo 3DS system. No, this is not some new Quake game come out for the DS from ID software. It's actually a homebrew / freeware port of the original quake game that was created and developed by some pretty talented guys - and they're giving it away for free. You do need to have an R4 3DS card in order to load it (or an R4i SDHC card for the DS Lite and DSI systems) but you don't have to pay for it at all.

Quake DS is faithful to the original game because, well, it is the original game. It's a port of the library files, and you can download the shareware version of the game, or use the actual commercial version if you have it available too. So the game itself IS the real Quake game, you just get to play it on your Nintendo 3DS system.

My honest opinion on this is that QuakeDS puts more DS and DSI first person shooters to shame. It plays much better than some of the 3d garbage that has come out as of late, and the graphics, though aged, are still good enough to make you want to play the game instead of a newer one.

For those of you who are graphics hungry, and always want the best, you'll want to play this game too, if for no other reason than to really get a feel for where all of this FPS shooter craze all started. And there's no better way to do it than to grab your r4 3ds and load up some cool old classic games.

Discussion R4DS additionally R4i

April 18, 2013

Through the above labels, its very straightforward that the new R4i is probably a great deal got better that's R4DS. Those Red R4i has significantly greater refined quality than simply R4DS. Liquids, your R4i works with improved copies most typically associated with Ds lite gaming gadgets specifically DSi DSi XL. Quickly as more, the main Red R4i card minute card orthoses Small SD charge for grander functions.

When it arrives that selling price, often the R4i is considered to be costlier then R4DS. This is certainly because of the far better attributes. There's, it is always far better to select the actual R4i Metallic really should actually wish such as your Manufacturers unit. Concur, extremely first R4DS isn't any for a longer period now involving the production commercial consequently, you can actually end up with they tricky to discover them. To stay on your secure factor, the R4i or even future R4 ds revolution SDHC can also serve you. That includes that business, you possibly can purchase lots of different video games tricks, songs, and thus video and moreover movie file types. The sky is in fact your personal bound when you use them.

R4i SDHC works as a Nintendo ds lite flicker credit designed expressly for ones Nintendo Nintendo dsi. This skill calling card is very profitable that your return with You and me and therefore England jumped equal to the greatest skill level. Currently, the situation at present maintain a pool of tallest expense of greenbacks for many online gaming extensions. The actual R4i SDHC orthoses superb memory Tiny SD to be able to substantially as 34 Gigabytes, the by now is your peak Mini SD shopping around store.

The R4i SDHC encourages in reverse industrial, you may even in reality this is the greatest R4i Dsi card effortlessly the market industry, it happens to be used having the vintage Ds lite way along the lines of Designers DSi using the most popular Nintendo ds lite En aning concept. On the most accessible R4 ds revolution sd card keeps hiburan edges that will help each of these gadgets. For folks towards R4 ds revolution invitation, you don't need to transfer one Designers wii alternatively download and read new-found firmware, on account that our own R4i SDHC supports over and above firmware directories.

Innovative R4i

April 7, 2013

R4i Card is the leading technology in flash cartridge for the Nintendo Dsi console. Micro SD Card is acquired in your Dsi with the help of R4i Card. You can rejoice in movies; play music, browse internet and much more using R4i Card. It can provide undocked solution to your gaming console without need of any other additional components or software. Just visualize of owning a Dsi console of your own. It is a wicked device to buy for your console.

The R4i Gold 3DS Card is one of the latest Dsi card from the R4 products to hit the market giving tenacious competition. It comes with in built FAT file system which makes the card increment a fast amount of speed. R4i Card was hatched for the Nintendo Dsi but it is also compatible with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Dsi consoles. The R4i Card is sympathetic up to version 1.0 in the Nintendo DS console. The R4i Card can stanchion from 2 GB to 32 GB Micro SDHC cards. The R4i Card can also replenish higher level of the functionality with your DSi Cards. This card will give high performance unfailing and will have very quick loading over other memory cards which are available in the market.

Some of the leading features of R4i Card are that they can use any of the Micro SD Flash Memory Card and can stanchion cards with memory capacity up to 4 GB. You can also use the 4GB data storage magnitude in storing movies, music, games and also you can use it in storing other applications software. r4i Card is a stupefy device which uses FAT file system which makes it gain faster speed. You can use this gaming system for an easy distraction, no matter wherever you might be stashed. For any kind of help or purchasing an unalloyed product you can visit our websites or R4 shops available in your city.

How to Download and Install R4i Gold EU 3DS

April 7, 2013

Notice mom only has 7 view card, this is because she doesn't move much.
Stationary charecters . Only has 1 view point because she doesn't move.
32GB of storage capacity with SDHC cards with enhanced performance even
on slower cards. R4i Gold EU 3DS will bring your Nintendo consoles a new
feeling. R4i which has another name R4 Gold 3DS. First, download the
kernel and unzip it. Put the kernel file into your TF card. Second,
download the latest kernel and unzip it. Third, choose update file
according to your console. Whereas the main charecter has over 40 view
points/sprites for walking, surfing, cycling, running and recieving
items at a zoomed camera angle, as well as view points/sprites for far
away angles. If you are using DS console, please use R4 card for your console. R4i SDHC 3DS is functional, R4i SDHC is classicial.

It's up to you.Released by r4i-gold .eu team, compatible with the
Nintendo 3DS, DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite and DS, which is a latest fuctional
flashcard for all of consoles. This card allows you to launch games, run
applications and play media directly from the device. Replace each
colour with a different one or just use moms sprite as a base. We need
to edit every view R4i Gold EU with the same colours or else we get a
glitch. R4i which is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS, DSi , DSi XL and
DS consoles. This flashcard can support up to 32GB of storage capacity
with SDHC cards with enhanced performance even on slower cards.

As all game players or R4i Gold 3DS
flashcard owners know, we'd better use the Wood R4 kernel because it
updates frequently and you can download for playing more latest games.

Here I will tell you where to download and how to install it.

First, put your SD card into the card reader and connect the card reader with the computer.

Second, login the official website and go to the latest
updated download page, here is the website for you:

Third, find the latest wood kernel and download. When you have finished
the download, you will get the wood r4i kernel 1.37.rar file.

Fourth,Extract the file, and you will get the wood kernel folder.

Fifth, Copy all the files to your SD card.

Sixth, unplug your card reader from pc and put SD card to r4i gold eu flashcard.

Seventh,plug the r4i gold eu to the 3DS console and power on the console.

Ok, that's all. Everything is working great, and you can do the whole
things easily and fast. If you want to buy one flashcard, here is the
address for you: R4i Gold EU 3DS for your 3DS console, or R4 DS
flashcard for your DS, or series of r4i flashcards for your Nintendo DSi
console. Enjoy your games!

Have Delights With the Chance of Super Card Dstwo

April 7, 2013

Utilize the best products of technology for relaxation

Technology is now paramount with lot of new novelties in making the
mankind to live the life with excellent feel of joy at every second. To
offer the gamer with well functional means of play different things are
handled in most excellent and are made in to practice. While playing the
game with supercard ds one all can have a chance to sense the power of
graphical user interface which provides the ultimate gaming thrills.
Boosted with great number of different alternatives they are simply
superlative to proffer real astonishment with the Nintendo series of

Have the support of Nintendo to eradicate solitariness

Well knowledge personalities will not suffer with the decision of
solitariness as they will find some new things in to practice and will
remove the uneasiness. Better for them will be the section of nice
Nintendo games supported with SuperCard DS TWO
cards dstwo 3ds facilities. Right with the product is the power to
adapt with almost all types of the series of amusements with high
functional enjoyments. Best adapting with the different consoles and
operating system will tune the new ways of gaming done great with
simplified products of science. High speed functionalities will offer
the full involvement for the players to stick with these amusements and
can extend the flow of this act for quite long hours without any hassled
caused with appliances.

Enhanced facts of supercard 3ds will extend fun

In practice the choice of video games of Nintendo and homebrew will be
the captivating preference for huge density of persons as they are
offering wide range of facts with action. Simply with the following
reasons they are proving their importance of arrival. They can be made
in to lists as

Plug and play opportunity

User friendly applications

FAT 16 and FAT 32 supported

Compatibility means with all memory cards

Enhanced saving means

Lithe functions

Cheat codes

Sense the ability of ds Super Game Card with processing

As a whole the choice of making good times in to fun and entertainment
with the choice of notable games can be made in to several folds with
the help of excellent yield of science as dstwo super card. The
underlying principle behind that is the means of creative minds of
current era which offers the intellectual graphical user interfaces for
applications, protection done with anti piracy options, appended service
with hardware support for advanced motion options, real time
operational guide with changing modes, free cheats for extended gaming
and well upgraded file preferences will make all to have the remarkable
gaming done with these cards. Moreover, the cost of them was low which
will induce all to have the best avail for real recreations owned.
Obviously, great times will be made in interesting one right with the
help of this intellectual creation of this generation.

Fans of Videogames Don't Have to Wait Much Longer Because the Nintendo 3DS Is All But Here

April 7, 2013

Fans of videogames don't have to wait much longer because the Nintendo 3DS is all but here! Suitably, Nintendo's machine is stated to be put on sale on March 27. Videogame players can preorder Nintendo 3DS any time before it's released at most retailers to make certain they seize the Nintendo device once it's released.

Nintendo of America is delivering for all practical purposes 4 million video game devices to retailers to accommodate the assumed demand. After slowing expansion within the portable gaming arena, the Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's response to ignite expansion in this soon to be worthwhile arena. The Nintendo portable is a dazzling video game device that will most likely widen the successful Japanese Company's domination in the portable gaming sphere.

What is the Nintendo 3DS?In case you haven't discovered, the Nintendo 3DS is modernized portable video gaming gadget set to take off where the Nintendo DSi left off. The first 3D machine in the portable videogame universe will be pitched for less than $300. Although the asking rate may be a touch expensive to a couple of people, the video game hardware is a remarkable piece of machinery. By what method did the Japanese company invent a way to do 3D graphics minus the need for specially designed 3D frames when any other competing company has been dumbfounded? This is not strange to Nintendo aficionados, as the company has long been a gambler in the videogame market. The company is in the present taking joy of its market domination with the Nintendo DSi, DS, and Wii electronic game systems.

In effect, the Nintendo made portable is the first of its kind in the portable video gaming market.What makes the Nintendo 3DS special?It is a high-grade, hand held gaming machine which warrants kids to engage in the world of three-dimensional interactive games, photos, and videos without the need for specially designed polarized specs. Three-dimensional interactive games -- in accordance with 3D movies such as Clash Of the Titans -- commit to boost the height of immersion for customers, therefore conceiving a more alluring experience. Indebtedness to Nintendo, the future is here now and fans of all ages are prepared to take a step into the virtual world of tomorrow with the Nintendo 3DS.Why and when should you preorder Nintendo 3DS?At this time there really are various arguments that make you want to preorder Nintendo 3DS.

Iwata's most up-to-date mobile gaming system gives you a 3D adventure without the need of any kind of special eyeglasses. This is the very first three-dimensionally mobile video gaming equipment. There has never been a handheld 3D platform similar to this ever! The 3D effects together with the 3D analog controls will transport your mobile video gaming experience into the stars. People can preorder Nintendo 3DS right now!What games will be available with the Nintendo 3DS?As usual, the successful Japanese company is going to have a whole bunch of its in-house titles set to appear on the new console in addition to a large number of game titles from Capcom and other established publishers. We trust that Miyamoto and his team will develop a couple of cutting edge titles as well which certainly display the 3DS's potential. As soon as the Nintendo 3DS is presented on launch day, the Nintendo 3DS will be available in a pair of choices: Blue and Black.

A healthy offering of first- and third-party game titles will probably be offered soon after the new system is released.Good video game titles totally supplements excellent technology. The successful Japanese company has gained from its glitches in past times. The innovative video game company is aware that it requires a fine balance of first- and third-party game titles to guarantee it has a thriving kick off. Amazingly, the company has a fantastic array of launch games lined up. The following are numerous of games launching with the 3DS or near its unveiling: Contra 3DS, Madden NFL Football 3DS, Super Game Card, and Metal Gear.The Nintendo 3DS does more than gamingThe Nintendo portable even possesses embedded gyro and motion sensors that can respond to the motion of the portable system. It might be fascinating to observe how nicely the initial set of game titles capitalize on this brand new innovative 3D technology. As coders learn the way to exploit the hardware, the video games could possibly get a lot better.

Besides 3D video games, the Nintendo 3DS will allow users to click 3D photos, watch 3D movies, and hear music. Additionally, using the 3DS you can expect to get hold of the finest game playing experience that you absolutely love and expect from Nintendo. You'll get Zelda let alone most of the first-rate-video games from third-parties.Nintendo 3DS connects people with Wi-FI and personalized gamingThe Nintendo 3D device has a much deeper wifi experience with the help of StreetPass and SpotPass, which in turn allow for Internet gaming. StreetPass will provide individuals with additional exclusive content and connects you up with various other 3DS gamers. The 3D Depth Slider permits gamers to tailor the level of the 3D special effect. There is a method to turn it off completely.

Customers of prior DS or DSi gaming systems might be thrilled that the brand new 3DS will be backward compatible with both Dsi and DS game titles. It must be taken into account that a large number of -- though not all will work with the 3DS. The 3DS deal contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and a charging cradle. Like its brothers in the DS line, the 3DS features a touchscreen and a light-weight design.So how do you preorder Nintendo 3DS for the best price?There are a handful of retailers that let you preorder Nintendo 3DS. Handful of them run coupons and a small number of them simply have lower selling prices. A few offer no shipping.So you will need to know how to find these retail outlets among the large number of web sites that sell the product. And you need to know how to decide upon the one particular store that will present you the cheapest price. Your best option is to look for someone who knows all about finding coupons and savings and discover what they have come across. Sometimes these deals are even better than retail stores.

Enjoy Your Gaming by Using the R4i Gold Card

April 7, 2013

In nowadays,Nintendo games are more and more popular.Both young as well as old spend a lot of money as well as time playing interesting games on the Nintendo console.Why are so many people would like to spend money playing wii games?The main resons is maybe the introduction of new technology game are fit for both adualts and old they can get pleasures from the games.On the other hand,the gaming experience will be enhanced when we playing the Nintendo games.However if we want to play games that not include in the nintendo console,we need some items to extended memory of our console so that we can play different kinds of interesting games.Now it is a shot news that different revolutions have been introduced like the R4i Gold 3DS, r4i, r4 sdhc, r4DS and DSTT card with which gamers can play different exciting games.Besides,the R4i gold is one of the Cards that was releasing lately and was accept by most players,the rest of the r4 series also is very popular and is used extensively by many gamers.And mnow,there is something more details of R4i gold, for you to expect from your Nintendo.

R4i gold card:The R4i Gold card is especially produced using a customized firmware, which loads over best belonging to the Nintendo DS and permit people operating unsigned and custom made software. The Gold card is said to be a clone of original R4 SDHC card it is with a high quality which can be used as the orignal card.It supports micros-SD card up to 32GB. Its packaging box has more compact dimension than that of Supercard DSTWO and Acekard 2i. The cart of Gold card has much better create exceptional than that of Ackeard 2i, but even worse than Supercard DSTWO.

The wooden firmware has much better individual interface than standard version.At a comparable time,the Gold card aided SCDSS1, M3 and other people to acquire well-known all through Nintendo users.Wood is swiftly responsive like AKAIO.You will get unique skins for this wooden firmware.

The R4i Gold cards are designed to flash the firmware but it is not updated toturn out to be compatible with DSi 1.4. Gold cards often load slowly despite of being a successor to R4 SDHC cards. However, it allows user maintaining games' library only on one cartridge. The inbuilt Moonshell, homebrew media player, plays back video and music files. The R4ds card launched latest v1.3 updates for both first edition and V2 Gold cards.

What's In The R4i gold? The technology used in the R4i gold is unbelievable.Ingrained flash cartridge engineering upgrades your gaming console and gaming knowledge using the appropriate support.It also positively impacts the common performance using the firmware. You can relatively nicely take advantage of the R4i gold on Nintendo, in all of its distinctive models plus they hold out nicely with every one of the distinctive film games too.Other features of this revolution are that it not only supports your gaming, but also:
* Music
* Movies
* Different gaming levels

Download for DSI: Using Supercard for Ultimate Gaming

April 7, 2013

Gamers lie you who have experienced the difference of Nintendo DSI will surely look for ways to download the games for free. Although there are so many websites now offering free download for DSI, you have one remaining problem and this is the kind of card that you will use. Many people have managed to come up with hacking software that allowed them to make copies of the games and even distribute them. However, the gamers do not have the right tools to store the R4 games. This means that you have a roadblock in the download process.

Accordingly, the best card to use so you can play your download for DSI is the Supercard SD. Another type of card you can use is the M3DS Simply. Both cards are very easy to use and are very affordable. These cards are also specifically designed for Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. These cards are very functional in different consoles and you can transfer them from one another.

Always remember that when you buy these things, make sure that you are only dealing with real licensed Nintendo merchants. Technology has really made it easy for hackers out there to come up with pirated versions of gaming software and devices. Keep in mind that if you buy the card, you should also be protected through warranty. Some cards may be defective and may not live up to what it is supposed to do such as storing the amount of data required. If this happens, your download for DSI will not play at all. Also remember that you should have spare cards so you will not have to delete the previous games you have already stored. If the card becomes full, all you need to do is to replace it with a new one and then the cards with download for DSI will serve as your actual discs.

Currently Red R4i Card Is in Fact Serving As a Person's Anchor Using the Electronic Products Encourage

April 7, 2013

Currently Red R4i card is in fact serving as a person's anchor using the electronic products encourage. The product appeals to virtually function and as a consequence prime features within themselves, thus which makes owner's for a start wide variety.

Our own retail outlet of all of these Red R4i card stuff produces how the warranty amongst R4i Nintendo dsi to perform site visitors contentment. Just about the gorgeous options R4i SDHC Dsi is it is capable of doing rejuvenating also memorizing of the recent chose pastime afterwards restarting component. Bed method efficiency is available in R4i so that you can preserve durability along with increase the get ready duration of the system.

Becoming Acekard software package are free, it really has different specialized uses may well be just accessible along at the R4i cartomancy. Of the R4i Dsi card will be 1 of several likely DS/DSi playing card with twin area capability, message it implement a micro SD/SDHC as the memory and then provides inside NAND secure digital. Some R4i gift card is the only debit card ones best turning up, as well as many predicted.

The cause of it is very C that M3 organizations almost always create the sturdiest bank cards along with the quite personal computer software, consistently along with quite a high cost (sadly 100 % considerable!). About the, my loss of price of Nintendo dsi greeting cards right at the end of The year just gone translates to its R4i note can also then finally favor the actual racks!

Leverage the new tools most beneficial Nintendo dsi calling card anywhere simply because should! Our own dsR4 Memory cards, Comparable to R4 ds revolution DS, R4 Super, r4isdhc, R4i Precious metal are Amazing Slot-1 Tad Reader available for Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo dsi, DSi XL that enable you to help to support guys video games an individual at present actually own. Might be One more than a little r4 ds revolution 3DS card stoock, that is generated by old R4 3ds computer saavy cluster, but nevertheless, two types of offer. R4i old watches 3ds gift card also employ wooden r4 3ds kernel on top of that obsolete r4i kernel.

Humorous merely acquire these Red R4i everywhere you look shopping around. Yet woman or man is detailed associated with productivity along with good not to mention making any variety of acquiring type products. These days shopping on the internet become the easiest cause spending. Which means most form online Shoppe site are listed but probably emerging invariably, one may you can check and buy R4i equipment. Despite choosing press announcements business, you should say the particular own pill and then continue with the procedure for obtaining it all. Guaranteed chain stores offer you you the few voucher always on R4i Nintendo dsi gear to be a result producing the internet alternative incredibly fairly moreover good for buyers in a direction.

Most recent however not minimal R4i Nintendo dsi phone cards are higher quality for implementing any of them around Nintendo ds lite perhaps Nintendo dsi video, in addition to anybody can apply it having recording directories, monitoring movement pictures, checking the broad, portraits therefore on. That it contains 4-level brightness manipulation yet advocates for delicate totally reset very.

A Particular Version Of R4i Card

April 7, 2013

There are different types of R4I cards available in the market now such
as acekard 2i, R4i-sdhc and you should check them out before you make
your purchase. It may be possible that a particular version of R4I card
is not compatible with your version of the DS and hence, you must do
some research on the Internet beforehand. There is plenty of information
that you can find out easily and buying the latest and the right
version of R4I card for your DS should be not an issue at all.Now mare
and more producers have been able to create a number of different
technologies which make use of DS features. It is regarded as the best
storage type of cartridges which is available in the market. The R4I
card which means Revolution for DS is because of its modern and
revolutionary applications. The producers of the R4I are desirous that
their commodity would flourish among its competition with the different
terminologies used to describe it, like magic, max, or revolutionary.

Together with its subsequent version, the R4i, this card has detailed
uses for the DS and Nintendo DSi consoles. It is important to be able to
distinguish their distinct uses and applications. The R4i card has got
micro SD that helps in storage of videos, music and by just plugging it
into the R4i finally you can play it on your Nintendo DS. To enhance and
get better experience with your Nintendo DS R4i you can try out new
quality features available in the market. These R4ids-ds card makes it
easy for us to just cut and paste those files that we want in our
Nintendo DS. All the existing data and programmes used on the R4i SDHC
and R4I SDHC can be directly copied and used on the R4i-SDHC 3DS card
for the 3DS console. R4i wholesale is available on which
provides customers option of bulk purchase discounted prices. Buy more
save more is the store offer right now which offers discount up to 50%
for buying 5 cards at a time. Moreover, if you are looking for a
wholesale price for R4I cards, then you can contact the support for it.

With its unique and distinct connectivity with the Nintendo DS and DSi,
there is realization from the masses of the great prospects and
potentials of this amazing and high performance card. The different
qualities and the ways of how it operates to show its full potentials
are vividly and clearly discussed in the product description. The R4i SDHC 3DS
card inherits all the features of the previous R4i SDHC and R4I
SDHC.The R4I and the R4i cards have lots of capabilities to present
aside from the many discussions among different people that it can play
homebrew games which can easily be downloaded from its online sources.
The advantage of buying from is fast shipping and customer
service. As having the warehouse and customer service based in North
America, you can receive your orders the next day with the UPS overnight
fast shipping option. One of the primary applications of these cards is
in games, either downloaded or homebrew. You can simply run games
without any hassle. It can be run without any storage installation.
Moreover, it does not lag while paying games.

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