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R4 3DS Brings Quake DS To The Nintendo 3DS system

April 18, 2013

Anyone that has been playing video games for any amount of time has definitely heard of Quake for the PC. There are of course newer, update versions, but I am talking about the original Quake that was released back when we had to type DOS commands in order to load out games. Today, you can play these same old dos games on your Nintendo 3DS system with an R4 3DS card, and some homebrew goodness.

Quake was published by ID Software. Prior to quake, there was the Doom series as well as the Castle Wolfenstein series. All amazing games in their own right. These games were what truly started the 3D first person shooter genre. Before them, there were some mild attempts in some dungeon style games, but Doom and Quake turned it all upside down and made FPS games what they are today - must play titles!

Last week I downloaded QuakeDS for my Nintendo 3DS system. No, this is not some new Quake game come out for the DS from ID software. It's actually a homebrew / freeware port of the original quake game that was created and developed by some pretty talented guys - and they're giving it away for free. You do need to have an R4 3DS card in order to load it (or an R4i SDHC card for the DS Lite and DSI systems) but you don't have to pay for it at all.

Quake DS is faithful to the original game because, well, it is the original game. It's a port of the library files, and you can download the shareware version of the game, or use the actual commercial version if you have it available too. So the game itself IS the real Quake game, you just get to play it on your Nintendo 3DS system.

My honest opinion on this is that QuakeDS puts more DS and DSI first person shooters to shame. It plays much better than some of the 3d garbage that has come out as of late, and the graphics, though aged, are still good enough to make you want to play the game instead of a newer one.

For those of you who are graphics hungry, and always want the best, you'll want to play this game too, if for no other reason than to really get a feel for where all of this FPS shooter craze all started. And there's no better way to do it than to grab your r4 3ds and load up some cool old classic games.